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Hey there. Thanks for stopping by! I’m Kyle, a self-diagnosed real estate junkie.

Here’s the deal: Real estate is EXTREMELY exciting! I freakin love it.

Here’s the problem: I got way too frustrated when I would meet so many smart and interesting real estate developers, investors, designers, architects, brokers, and real estate entrepreneurs in real life, but couldn’t find that same enthusiasm online.

When I’d meet these interesting real estate folks, we’d usually chat over coffee and talk about the nuts and bolts of the real estate game and what motivated us.

And that’s what this site is all about.

Here at realestate-java we sit back, have a nice warm cup of “digital” coffee (or tea, we don’t discriminate), and have a chat about what’s new and exciting in the world of real estate. I track down the smartest and most interesting people in the biz I can find and have a relaxed “coffee” chat about the real estate game. We’ll also tease out new and growing trends in the industry—all while having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously.

The goal: To share in the excitement, learn from industry experts, and uncover new trends in the real estate game.

Let us know how we can help you (comments section below or on Twitter @kylezaylor).

Seriously, thanks for stopping by!

10 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hi Kyle, You need to chop your home page up into separate blog posts. It kills the browser to have a mile long home page and you can’t navigate when the scroll bar is a sliver. A gauge is; the scroll bar should be longer than 1/5th the height of the screen. Your home page has the scroll bar being a sliver. You might not notice but pages that are less stressful on the CPU/browser have fewer images, videos on each page and a long scroll bar.

    Nice content though. But I’ll never find it all.

  3. Kyle,
    Like the site and the articles on BP. Can’t find your contact info anywhere so please get in touch with me at your convenience (jim at simcoegreen dot com). Have a couple of projects I’d like to get your opinion on vis a vis BluHomes.

  4. Hi Kyle

    Found your developer posts on Bigger Pockets extremely useful. Had a few questions I’d like to shoot over to you as I’m new to developing.


  5. Hey Kyle.

    Found you on bigger pockets.com. Love your articles. My group is in the process of beginning a high rise condo building. Our # guy is from Europe, so his pro forma’s are a bit different. Any advice where I can get a US pro forma template or software?


    • Hi Matthieu,

      Thanks for checking out the site. I’m a really big fan of building a pro forma from scratch–especially one for a high-rise condo. It’s a building type that tends of have intricacies in the construction, financing, and marketing that could get lost when trying to make a template work for a specific deal. While it’s not the easiest way to go about it, the process really hones one in on the specifics of a deal. If you’re looking for more info, I’m a big fan of the content on getrefm.com. Definitely check them out for investment-grade pro forma content.

  6. You are the man Kyle!! Where are you located out of? We are in St Petersburg, FL. Let me know if you ever come in that area, would love to have you meet the group and consult with you some time.

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