Young Developers Club – Growing Real Estate Developers Quickly Turning Heads

These emerging and evolving real estate development companies are breaking the mold of how, when, and what can be built.



Crowdfunding in the real estate industry is taking off. Fundrise is one of the leaders in this space. On top of developing projects through their development company (WestMill Capital Partners) the guys behind Fundrise are creating a new way for other developers to raise capital for their projects. Forward thinking developers are quickly utilizing this new platform to help fund their work.

The Space Creators

Space Creators 2

The Space Creators simply does what their name says—they create space. This co-working developer is rapidly growing in the Denver market by offering unique and flexible office space for growing companies, artists, and creative individuals/groups.

What sets them apart? On top of developing compelling projects, they haven’t cut any corners when it comes to growing active communities around their work. Just check out their community page here:

By taking a holistic approach to supporting their tenants, The Space Creators has been able to rapidly expand.

East River Partners

River East

East River Partners acquires and develops residential projects in and around some of the most desirable neighborhoods of New York City. Through their $25 million ERP Fund I, they are quickly establishing themselves in the New York real estate scene—turning many heads in the process.

Are the neighborhoods they develop in high stakes? You better believe they are! Luckily East River Partners is backed by a team with an already impressive development pedigree.

JDS Development

JDS Development

Few real estate developers are as ambitious as JDS Development. The New York-based development company recently closed on a $172 million land acquisition in Manhattan. The two-acre site, slated for two 37 and 47-story residential towers with 800+ units, is expected to finish construction in 2016. This isn’t JDS Development’s first major project either. The company, lead by managing partner Michael Stern, has been partnering with some of New York’s most prominent real estate developers on lofty projects for quite some time.


In Dev

In-Dev is a San Diego based design and development firm that takes a unique approach to creating their portfolio (they design what they develop). Led by a team with a diverse background in design, construction, development, and finance, the development company is rethinking the way architecture, development, and construction are practiced.

In Dev 2



Co-working has a new force—the brand. Not only is co-working growing in popularity amongst entrepreneurs and young companies as a modern solution to their office needs, WeWork is a force within this niche market because their brand is rapidly becoming part of the dialogue. After looking at their portfolio of projects and spaces, it’s easy to see why WeWork is quickly establishing itself in high barrier-to-entry markets.

Two Trees

Two Trees

Jed Walentas and Two Trees Management have been a fixture in New York real estate circles for years. The company’s portfolio—which includes projects like The Mercedes House and The Clock Tower Building—are some of the city’s most desirable residential addresses. Their latest projects are helping redefine the New York skyline in innovative ways.

mercedes house

clock tower

Beaver Brook

Beaver Brook

Let’s remove ourselves from the hustle and bustle of the urban real estate world for a quick moment. The gang behind Beaver Brook would likely not consider themselves real estate moguls. Yet, their work—producing small, purpose-built structures in the forests of upstate New York—is a nod to the essence of designing and building. Through their individual projects and their design-build school, the Beaver Brook team injects a sense of purity into the practices of design and construction.

Beaver Brook 3

Beaver Brook 2

Beaver Brook 4

Do you have a growing company you’re excited about? Tell us about them!

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