Real Estate Investing Advice and Chat about BiggerPockets with Brandon Turner

If you’re interested in real estate investing, Brandon Turner’s work–both on his blog and through–has helped many new and seasoned real estate professionals take on new projects and expand their portfolios. Brandon is a true student of the game. So when he recently announced that he’ll be joining the BiggerPockets team as a senior editor and community manager, I had to track him down for a chat about his career as a real estate investor and to see what he’ll be up to in the new role. ¬†In the chat, Brandon offers amazing advice to anyone looking to get started in real estate investing and explains what’s in store for the BiggerPockets community in the future. Thanks for tuning in!

Be sure to say a big congrats on the new gig to Brandon and BiggerPockets on Twitter @BrandonAtBP and @BiggerPockets

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7 thoughts on “Real Estate Investing Advice and Chat about BiggerPockets with Brandon Turner

  1. Thanks for posting this conversation Kyle, this was really cool to hear. I’ve been following Brandon’s blog for a few months now and it was great to hear more of his (and your) perspective on real estate. Nicely done!

  2. I am 24 years old, I graduated from college last year. I work as a contractor right now with some guys. I really want to be a real estate investor. I want to start with small rental properties, but all the money my wife and I make pretty much pays the bills and we don’t have much left over. Also, I never know how much I will make each week because work is unpredictable, so I know a conventional loan is pretty much out of the picture. Any advice anybody?

    • Thanks for checking out the chat with Brandon! The guys that commented above (Brandon, Josh, and Seth) all create excellent content on real estate investing. I’d definitely check out their work.

      I’ve had the good fortune to learn from some successful real estate professionals over the years. And one thing they all reiterate is the importance of time and education (and eventually taking action on that education/time!). I’d keep absorbing as much as you can about real estate investing, development, etc. Coming from the contracting side, you’re getting great experience that you can apply to future deals.

      Good luck!

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