Entrepreneur Corner – A Quick Chat on the Hustle Behind the Scenes

BIG NEWS! (can you tell I’m excited for this one?!) We’ve got our very first video chat on realestate-java!

I reached out to good friend Elliot Chong to get a quick run-down on his tips and techniques for becoming a world-class talent in your field (regardless of what you’re interested in). Elliot is a freshly minted entrepreneur that recently started his own technology business. But before that, he developed Nike’s digital sport products (if you have a Fuel Band…that’s his gig), built Facebook and iPhone applications, presented at SXSW, won numerous design and technology awards, and collaborated with some of the top companies in the world.  Elliot’s career is fascinating (he’s pretty modest in the video), but it didn’t come without a strong dose of hustle, curiosity, and getting outside one’s comfort zone. So while he’s not in the real estate game, Elliot offers some amazing advice on how to develop a world-class entrepreneurial mind set that you can use in any career. Thanks for tuning in. We’ll have many more video chats to come. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Entrepreneur Corner – A Quick Chat on the Hustle Behind the Scenes

  1. Great words of wisdom, especially with the need to be out of your comfort zone. When you are comfortable, you are prone to be lazy. One of the hard questions is, if one is not yet in the position of projecting themselves forward, when is a smart time to make a change…..Well done.

  2. Hey Brian. Thanks for the comment! I loved Elliot’s point about starting small, growing, and iterating. You never know where you’ll end up, but everyone starts somewhere!

  3. Great interview Elliot.
    You make some awesome points about getting involved and finding the mentorship you need to move forward.
    I completely agree with getting out of your comfort zone to learn and develop yourself further.

  4. Great interview Elliot.
    I like how you took us through your career journey and you highlighted the areas where you employed various development strategies like networking, mentorship and getting out of your comfort zone.

  5. Great interview Kyle & Elliot. Remember us when you make it big Elliot!!! I love the points you both made about comfort zones and finding mentors or people who can help push and move you forward. I know who I’m going to go to when I need advise with our future ventures!! Thanks guys!

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