60-Second CRE Tip – Use this Technique to Improve the “look” of Your Work

Want to elevate the look of your professional reports, pitch books, and documents? Here’s a quick 60-second tip that can easily be used on any professional documents: Instead of using black text, change it to a dark grey. This is subtle, but it could have a great impact on the look of your work.

In a former life (college) I studied graphic design principals and utilized the above tip to make my work look a little more polished and professional looking.  Lately, I’ve been finding myself going back to this technique when assembling pitch books, client reports, and professional documents.

It’s a simple technique that can add that little extra punch to your presentation. Here’s why: Black text, tables, and spreadsheets have a high contrast against the white background of a page. By using a slightly lighter grey color, your content appears softer and more pleasing to the eye.  Graphically, the slightly reduced contrast makes your work look more professional.  Check out the before and after examples below:

The only change I made was a slightly lighter grey font and border color in the first table. When used properly, this quick tip can give your work a little more polish. I hope that helps!

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