60-Second CRE Tip – Quick Mapping Analysis with Batchgeo

Regardless of how much analysis one does in Excel or Argus, visualizing data can help immensely in any real estate development or acquisition.  In this 60-Second CRE Tip, we’ll focus on using Batchgeo as an analysis tool to quickly produce maps of comps, property data, demographic data, and basically anything else you can think of. So what is Batchgeo? It’s an amazing (and free) online tool that quickly geo-codes any address and visually groups property information using Google maps. The best part—you can produce a map in less than 60 seconds!

Let’s jump in.

All you need to start is a list (edited in Excel) of the address, city, and state of the properties you wish to map.

For example, if you have comps that were pulled from CoStar, LoopNet, REIS, etc., these can be arranged in Excel as a database (any list will work though). Once the address information is neatly arranged in separate columns in Excel, you can then organize any property data you wish to analyze.

  • If you want to map all of the properties in a city that sold for $5m-$15m between 2002 and 2007, map it!
  • If you want to map new multifamily properties currently in the pipeline, map it! (example below)
  • If you want to see what new office properties were built in that last ten years, map it!

The possibilities really are endless.  The trick is to organize this extra information in Excel in the columns after your address columns.  Batchgeo takes care of the rest. Check out the database below (pulled from a city website) as an example.

Do a quick CTRL-V of the information you want analyzed and head over to http://batchgeo.com/. Once on the homepage, simply paste your data into the box, follow the steps to produce your map, and then you’re finished. It’s that easy!

Here’s a map of the property data I pasted in from the Excel above.

In this example, I wanted to visualize where all proposed residential development projects are located in Jersey City, New Jersey (lovely place!). I also wanted to categorize the years these projects would be finished and if they are condo, mixed-use, or multifamily. So, in 60-seconds or less, you can produce a powerful and visual analysis tool based on very simple inputs. I hope it helps!

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