What do you read on a Saturday morning?!

I’m a big fan of Ramit Sethi’s work at Iwillteachyoutoberich.com and have been following it for years.  (Quick note: don’t be thrown off by the title—world-class content with no scammy pyramid scheme anywhere close to his work.) When Ramit has written about passion in the past, he’s often brought up the notion of focusing on what you read on a Saturday morning. It’s a simple concept that is also very telling about what motivates you. Since it’s a Saturday, here’s what you likely don’t have (sorry if you do): pressing emails to reply to, meetings in five minutes that require your complete attention, deadlines for that JV partnership deal that’s been taking months to negotiate. Ideally it’s just you, a block of free time, and no worries in sight. So you naturally gravitate towards those educational, entertaining, and informative things that add value to you.

This one’s short and sweet. Here are ten sites I’m really digging right now that add tremendous value to my Saturday mornings.

Freshome is a weblog devoted to uncovering (and sharing) the latest and greatest products in Architecture and Design.

Officedesigngallery features beautiful and innovative office spaces. I’ve seen great offices but am always blown away at the spaces featured on this site.

Trendhuntter: this site focuses on analyzing what trends are about to break. They cut through the noise and spell out what’s going to be hip and cool…next. It’s a great site to browse through and pick up on new ideas and inspiration. With real estate being such a multidisciplinary field, you never know what’s going to influence your work next. So this site is a great one to keep track of.

Biggerpockets is an amazing community of real estate professionals. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from the forums and articles published on this site.

Curbed takes on a tongue and cheek approach to real estate news. I first started reading the content on this site when I worked in NYC (when it was still just focused on the city). It’s been amazing to see it grow nationally and into new cities.  Give them a read if you want to keep up with the real estate gossip going on in your neck of the woods.

Furniturefashion is a fantastic place to jump into the world of furniture design.

TheRisetotheTop dishes out candid conversations with entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and inspirational people. It’s fun, upbeat, extremely informative, and (as David puts it) takes the fluff out of business.

DukeLong is all about commercial real estate, but with a little attitude. Duke’s on top of what’s happening now (and will happen) in real estate.

MergersandInquisitions focuses specifically on the banking industry, but its content carries over into real estate acquisitions and development.

InfoChachkie is a blog written by John Greathouse who, as a prominent venture capitalist and thought leader, provides truly valuable content with each post.

What are things you read on your Saturday mornings that give you motivation and inspiration?

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